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February 1, 2009
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Beyond The Veil by Biomech44 Beyond The Veil by Biomech44
Continued from [link]
 9.52 PM,  June 10 ,5150 AD. Our Sisters of Illumination Rehabilitation Clinic ,Mt Druitt underground settlement,western satellite city of New Sydney Australia.

"Corporal Henderson are we looking good ?"

" Yes sir Lieutenant." She saluted out of habit though in the field it wasn't necessary. Always a by the book soldier the only thing non regulation about her was her long raven hair which was braided at the moment.The Lieutenant didn't mind, she was an exceptional soldier..and rather cute too.

"Everything secured or purged?."He asked looking at his watch.

" Yes sir, all paranormal and dimensional barriers are in place and active. Detective and early warning systems too. Sergeant Rodriguez just secured the last of the creatures in Operating Theatre 3 and Captain Solstein exorcised the last of the wraiths from Aged Care. All other teams reported success in destroying or driving out their targets.The only area still active..and considered the originating point for the Maternity Ward. All attempts to access that level have failed so far."

" OK. Any injuries or casualties? " He asked dreading the answer as always.He hated arriving after the fact,he liked to be in the action, but he was already involved in a mission to rescue a school group who were touring a well known Genetic Research Institute and found themselves hiding and running and fighting for their lives when the Institutes illegal experiments got loose..those bastards were fast and smart.All records were confiscated of course for the Brass boys to revue, and casualties and deaths were minimal.All paid for and covered up my midday ofcourse..that made him pissed and though he saved lives felt he accomplished nothing.It'll be business as usual at the Institute tomorrow..he would've achieved more here.He saw the Corporal waiting for his attention and he nodded to her.

 "As far as we can gather sir 158 patients, staff, and visitors confirmed dead.45 presumed dead or missing,97 evacuated this morning.Our  people..65 K.I.A,45 injured, 15 critical,and 3 psychological traumas.Three special cases,one involving two patients found alive..if you could call it the cafeteria.Though they can speak and move..though obviously traumatised..they are somehow one with the building sir. Chief Medical and Scientific Investigator Sanders believes they may be victims of dimensional warping energies which often distorts and combines the make up of all biological and artificial objects, surroundings and beings in it's radius field.Her team are trying to provide them whatever comfort and hope they can."

 "The second case, a non combat of ours I'm afraid sir..a Private Oswald Davis." She paused  as the Lieutenant swore under his breath." You knew him sir ?"

"Yes..I served with his father." 

"I'm sorry sir.. "
"How did Private Davis die ?" The Lieutenant asked quietly. 

" According to the Medic attending..some kind of parasite entered through a cut in his leg in Radiology.It somehow bred more of its kind in mere minutes on entering his bloodstream..and was eaten alive from the inside.His friend, a Private Nichols saw him collapsing like a concertina file and called for the Medic who upon seeing the parasites begin to break through his skin grabbed Nichols flame thrower and incinerated Private Davis and the parasites right then and there. Private Nichols was excused from duty due to shock."

" That's no way for a soldier to die...I'll visit his family personally.." The Lieutenant breathed deep." And the third case ?" 

" It's actually listed as one of the three psychological truly may be described as the result of a psychological assault." She paused as if trying to make sure she truly understood it. The medical explanation and jargon regarding the difference between the official possibilities to describe the soldier's mental condition beffudled her. 

" Go on Corporal.." The Lieutenant urged her kindly." Just read the incident report..the medical mumbo jumbo confuses the shit out of me too"

 " Thank you sir." She smiled." Apparently three of Captain Houser's squad were seperated from the rest in a chaotic battle with mutated and dimensional field altered security guards and psychiatric patients.All insane and extremely hostile and possessing superhuman strength.Oh my..apparently some were hybrids of equipment,fire,weapons..and each other..and escaped lab animals and resident vermin. Security guards with their dogs heads launching from their stomachs on razor wire coated intestines..patients entwined the each other and rats,horrors crawling along the ceiling..and things..well too disgusting to describe."

" Just jump ahead to the precise incident Corporal." He looked at his watch and knew he had to move this along.

" Yes sir." She scanned a second then continued."Apparently the battle spilt out into an intersecting corridoor in the maintenance level and one of the three men were injured,a Private Derringer, so the others Privates Clark and Sangster carried him quickly into one of the dimly lit corridoors and took positions to defend him till the battle subsided or a medic could reach them. It was then that they noticed in the open doorway of a room in the main corridoor a figure ..female..half in the still..just watching the battle and chaos mere feet from her.At first the just watched her then she moved out into the corridoor and they saw her properly and raised and pointed their assault rifles at her thinking she was another crazy as Clark later said.She seemed different however,not insane..not a mutated nightmare like they'd been fighting..she seemed otherworldly.She was dressed in white robes,decorated armour,a circular rune covered extension from her breast plate protecting her head and shoulders leaving her jaw and mouth the only thing exposed.From what must've been eye holes two daggers,ceremonial Clark guessed, one shaped like a celtic cross the other had wings below a chaos symbol.In her left arm she clutched an ancient looking book..a bible maybe..and her right arm was stitched up the inside of her forearm as if she had previously cut it open in a suicide attempt and around her elbow was razor wire.Her robes hid everything else from view.She stood there watching unafraid..cold and detached. She seemed unaware of them watching her at first..then she glided the few feet in a split second and grabbed Sangster and tossed him into the middle of the battle still raging.Two men quickly helped him fight his way back to the rest of the squads position."

 "She then smiled coldly at Clark and kissed his cheek..according to him..instantly paralysing him.He watched in horror as she loomed over Private Derringer.His right leg was broken and he was bleeding badly from a stab wound to his right shoulder blade.She looked back at Clark and said."Do not fear,I shall heal his wounds..both physical and of the soul.I shall not kill him..for it is not my judgement to make.I shall enlighten him..and let him decide his own fate."She touched his wounds and they healed instantly.She placed her bible on the floor then took the daggers from her eyes then buried one in Derringers forehead and the other in his groin.She picked up the bible and was about to say something when Captain Houser and Sangster appeared and pointed their weapons at her.She sighed..then Sangster's head exploded..then she looked up at the ceiling as if listening to something or someone and then rose up through it.Clark could move again and the daggers seemed to vanish before his eyes.Captain Houser was wiping Sangster's brain blood and skull fragments from his face so Clark rushed over to Derringer.He was indeed still alive..but he was unresponsive to Clark's was if he was lost in his own world.He's been diagnosed catatonic and is being taken care of and on his way to the Barracks Hospital in Sydney Central.No trace of the woman..being..has been found since..though it's speculated that she may have a role in all the floors she was rising up through allegedly..were six floors directly under the Maternity Ward.Techies recorded a spike in paranormal activity around the time and area she rose and disappeared."

" This day just keeps getting better by the second." The Lieutenant rubbed his eyes and looked again at his watch."Do we have any idea of what is in all this started? Any reports from the Scientific and Medical Investigative Team.The Techies ?"

" Well they've completed their preliminary sweeps and have downloaded and are analysing all computer and security records.Earliest activity recorded 3.15 AM June 6..and again at 4.00AM...then it seems everything went off the chart on June 8..and has continued till we arrived this morning.From what the Techs sifting through the data can tell, some of which appears to have been deliberately corrupted by forces akin to psionic origin, fourteen of the fifteen patients died in the Maternity Ward at the time of the 4.00am incident on June 6..the fifteenth patient,the attending doctor and nurse,the Mother Superior Sister Agatha..and the newborn child..a boy. "

" My god.." The Lieutenant lost all official poise." How the hell did this happen ? How did the first incident not set off Sydney Central's alarms..why didn't anyone call us in sooner? "

" It was a patients Grandmother who somehow got both her and her grandson out through a garbage outlet and once outside the Clinic and it's immediate perimeter was able to place a communication to Emergency Services who immediately called us.As to why nobody reported it sooner..we're not sure..but until this morning it appears the same psionic force that corrupted some of the records also may have interfered with communications and key personnel..who may have been forced..or willingly covered up the events of the sixth, and is also suspected as to have cloaked the clinic from Central's detection network.From the eighth till this morning the clinic has been completely cloaked and sealed. Why the seal and cloak was lifted this morning no one knows..up until this morning the dimensional, paranormal, and just about any other known activity was rife..there's no way as yet to define a incident explaining the release of the clinic.All investigations are ongoing and Hazmat teams are beginning clean up where they can.Unofficially though, based on their initial sweeps,Chief Investigator Sanders feels anything they find will only explain the effects not the cause.Those answers she believes will only be found in.."

"The Maternity Ward." The Lieutenant looked at his watch again." Thank you Corporal, as always excellent work.Now however I must go and meet The DMC Paranormal Military Police Chief Investigator Willis at the clinic shuttleport. I'm hoping she'll be able to get us into The Maternity Ward..and finally get us some answers and hopefully put a stop to this before we have to deal with the whole city as well."

" Excuse me one more second Lieutenant disrespect to Chief Willis..I know she is a level 10 Psi and Telepath and very intelligent ,very powerful..but.."

 " How can she succeed where all our people here have failed ? Honest answer Corporal..she can' least not alone. But..she is not here alone, she has brought with her a very powerful consultant who actually asked to come and help as soon as she heard from her vast sources what was discovered here today."

" A consultant sir ? Who would know more about this or handling these situations then us and the off world DMC guys?" 

" They definitely aren't Dimensional Marine Corp but they are offworld, Homeworld to be precise."

" A Techno-Shaman? The church and the administrator of the clinic Father Carass are going to have a fit.You know the Church considers the Techno-Shamans blasphemers and pagans and accuse them of illegal genetic, biomechanical,viral,and cloning experiments well as kidnapping, body part trafficking, slavery adult and children, sex trade, weapons,drugs,and smuggling."

 " And that's just the Rogues..Corporal, do not worry, by the time Father Carass finds out we'll be long gone." He motioned for her to walk with him to the elevators." Besides, this is no Rogue or ordinary TS, this is their equivalent of Holy or Royalty,it's none other than the High Priestess of the Coven herself, Shamaness Sersi.If the Coven's most powerful sorceress and grande historian and researcher of all to do with Religion and The Arts can't get us in that ward no one can."

 " This day just keeps throwing one surprise after another." The Corporal said sounding a little apprehensive.Hopefully it would be over soon. 

" One more thing I need Corporal.." said the Lieutenant stepping into the elevator." The Chief has requested a strikeforce be assembled,fully geared up and ready to fight a war, to accompany her and The Shamaness plus her personal guards..and myself..into the ward.I'd like you to assemble that team..twenty of our best..and meet us at the ward at 23.45. Seen you then Second Lieutenant Henderson..and don't forget to eat something we could be a long time between meals." The doors closed and he was gone before she could say a word.

" Thank you sir..thanks a fucking lot!!" She hit her gauntlet comm. " Sergeant you feeling right now? " 

11.40 PM Maternity Ward Elevator Foyer.

 The Strikeforce members were nervously chatting and joking amongst themselves whilst continuously glancing at the two six inch thick security/ fire doors that were the main entrance to the ward proper.Through the doors they heard disturbing sounds,movement and things thudding,strange lights flashing underneath, and occasionally cries and screams.They'd only been there ten minutes, the place already was giving them the creeps..sealed or felt nauseating to be near felt alive.The third lift chimed it's arrival making them jump and in reflex assume defensive positions. 

" Easy there people" said Rhodes " We are on your side remember"

" Bit jumpy,sorry sir." Henderson looked a little embarassed. 

" No need to be embarassed Second Lieutenant it's reassuring to know your team is ready for any and all possibilities." D M C Chief Investigator Willis, a statuesque early forties blonde with a commanding voice, dressed in ceremonial black leather and personal body armour and over it full length Chamelion Intuitive Camouflage Trench Coat, said to her as she shook her hand."Good job today and glad to have you with us." She looked around the foyer making eye contact with all present in acknowlegement and appreciation of their being there. 

" I  know you have all been through a lot today and are feeling it so we'll skip formalities and just proceed as planned." Chief Willis looked back to the lift then back to the team." You all know what to do so stick to the plan..and please no heroics.Good luck everyone."

 From the elevator they heard a soft, lyrical voice, speak four unintelligable words..and the sound of security locking mechanisms being released. Henderson looked at her two mini gun weilding pointmen, Privates Saxon and Frost, and smiled and said " After you gentlemen"

" They coming too? " Frost asked nodding his head towards Chief Willis and Lieutenant Rhodes as they stood talking at the elevator to the still unseen Shamaness Sersi and her two personal guards. 

" They will..after we've reconned and secured the ward"Henderson patted his shoulder and smiled.

" Nice.." Frost turned and flanked the now open entrance.He looked across and signalled to Saxon to move in.They swung in fast checking each side and corner swiftly the only thing greeting them a few pot plants and two opaque glass sliding doors.They resumed flanking positions and Saxon hit the door button.The doors responded by shattering outwards.

" Frost..Saxon ! " Henderson called into her helmet mike. " What was that?" 

" The doors shat themselves..Saxon did too I think." Frost replied."Can't see nothin though..pitch black and quiet as.Infra-red showin zip too.Funny thing is though I get the feelin it's far from deserted in there."

" OK Frost..we'll move up, Dolby and Slick are already at the main doors covering you." Henderson coughed as if clearing her throat."Move in when ready but be careful."

" S'ok Henderson..we'll be fine..we're pro's you know ?" Saxon said as if convincing himself. " Just remember..I'm the Cremation..Frost wants the burial." With that they moved in.Their guns sounding off a second later..Dolby's and Slick's joining in. 

" Talk to me Frost!" Henderson called." What's the situ ?"

" Bit busy right now..but if you guys would care to join us we'd sure appreciate it." 

" Rodriguez here know we cant do that without knowing beforehand what we're up against." 

" Mutated staff,doctors and nurses, mums and dads, kids and babies Sarge.." Frost said sounding as if he was moving quickly from one spot to another." ..they're fast, armed with all sorts of shit,strong,pissed off and all fucked up!! Just get in here and give us a...oh fuck me..Slick!!!"  

" Fuck this ! Everybody move in now!!" Henderson ordered.

The scene that greeted them was one of carnage and mayhem. It was as Frost described, dimensional energy warped staff and civies attacking from floor walls and ceiling fast and furious. Both Frost and Saxon enveloped in a literal mist of blood, body parts erupting and being shredded from their constant rain of bullets.Dolby going full auto with his assault rifle on wall crawling and scalpel throwing siamese nurses, then swinging round and switching to shotgun a bonesaw weilding baby's head clean off before stomping on and breaking the neck of the assumed the baby's mother who was human torso and head, dogs legs for arms and crash cart paddles for hands,lower half wheel chair..the baby's upper torso arms and head protruded from the middle of her back..head now missing of course.

Rickersby was putting her gymnastic experience to use whilst unloading her machine pistols into a wall layered with flesh,and writhing with maggots and thrashing razor blade lined tentacles consisting of tongues and male genitalia..which she flipped, cartwheeled,jumped dodged and ducked as they lashed out.Rodriguez added his minigun to Saxon's and Frost's as the ceiling cracked open and a large snake like mass of sinew,flesh, and electrical wiring and cables with a skinned snarling security guard dog's head for a head, with a double barrelled sawn off shotgun for a tongue.It burst into flame and electricity arched out as the minigun shredded it layer by tangled layer.It writhed and howled in pain,then fired blindly a spray of electrically charged high impact anti-personnel mini grenade rounds..and set off a domino chain of explosive and chaotic and deadly events.

 Explosions erupted all around,the altered and marines alike thrown off their feet or worse,and events in play turned tide and fortunes switched sides for all involved.Fires erupted and lights blew and flickered turning the room into a surreal smoke filled landscape of flashing muzzle fire,darting dark shapes, howls groans and screams,and orange and read strobing light and glow.Shouts of "..check your fire.." and "look out","fall back.." could be heard over the chaotic din of gun fire,howls and explosions..but nobody knew where they were in relation to the other.Henderson was trying to think fast before this turned into a total cluster fuck as the Brass would call it.Calling over her helmet mike she tried to garner who was alive and where they were ,as she herself using only her machine side-arm 9mm and regulation combat knife sidled round the room staying as close to the walls as possible double tapping attackers or gutting and slitting them in an attempt to get to the other side of the reception area and secure an escape route down the corridoor leading deeper into the ward and access into rooms for protection cover and regrouping.She could hear three mini guns blazin' so she knew Saxon, Frost and Rodriguez were still kicking bless them.However, as for everyone else, she had no idea as all she received over her audio system was static and garbled interference. She had to rely on visual and hope for the best.Just then something touched her left shoulder.Reacting quickly she drove her elbow into what felt like metal  but it was hard enough for whatever it was to let go and swung round bringing her gore encrusted knife bearing down into play once more..and stopped mere seconds from tearing Private Dolby a new wind pipe.

" Woah..shit Lieutenant it's me Dolby !" He cried over the din as he blasted the head off a ward sister who had no legs or arms but her bare upper torso was covered in snapping rats heads slithering along the floor under the propulsion of her own flailing large and small intestines."Eww..gross!" He muttered to himself as he stomped on the rats heads that were still trying to bite him.

" Dolby..leave it or shoot it we've no time!" Henderson yelled at him."We've got to get to the corridoor, create a covering fire to give the others a chance to escape..or at least create an opening for them."

 " Right..sorry Lieutenant." Dolby focused." Sure am glad to see ya though.." He shot a hand with a rats tail scurrying along the wall beside him.

" You too Dolby." Henderson smiled as she blew away a cockroach headed security guard torso centaur german sheperd."Can you tell me what happened to Slick.Frost sounded pretty freaked when he called his name"

" Sorry boss,I don't know it all happened so fast." Dolby said as if it was the first chance he had to think of his team mate." He'd moved over to cover Frost..I lost sight of him for a few minutes as things got hectic real friggin quick..then I like you heard Frost cry out to him but when I tried to spot him he was nowhere to be seen."

"It's ok Thomas..if he's alive we'll find him and get him and us the hell out of here.Okay ?" He nodded."Good..then let's get moving and see if we can get the others and get the fuck out of this nightmare.Ready?"

"Gotcha six boss."Dolby put his shoulder to hers and they sidled their way along the wall, edging closer to where Private Rickersby was still fighting the flesh wall but seemed to have found help in the form of Private Aleisha Asagawa and Field Medic Rutger Skaarsgard. Henderson smiled to herself whilst dispatching another assailant.That makes seven of her team of twenty accounted for.Things were beginning to look up.The middle of the ceiling chose the very next second to collapse..weakened by the still thrashing thing that the three men were still trying to obliterate and the wildly fired mini-grenade rounds.The initial crash sent debris flying everywhere and kicked up more smoke and dust clouding the room once more.Screams and wild scrambling ensued as all combatants were once again momentarily fighting blind. 

"Henderson..answer me!" Lieutenant Rhodes was shouting into his comm. but was getting no reply.He turned to Chief Investigator Willis."Comm's are down..maybe too much interference..I can't raise anyone.Damn it all I should be in there with them not standing out here !" 

" I know how you feel Lieutenant.." Chief Investigator Willis said "however that is no longer an option as the entrance is blocked with debris and fire. By the sounds of it and what I can sense our added fire power would not make much difference.It's chaos in there..and I suspect still under the influence of whatever caused this.The threat our people are facing is greater than we could've imagined.The number of hostiles for instance..if the Clinic records are correct..far out number the maximum amount of patients and staff that could have been there when this all started.I suspect many have come from elsewhere..other places..dimensions."

 " So what do we do now? " Rhodes turned and looked at the elevator."Can the Shamaness not help us ?"

" She could possibly get us in ..destroy the debris maybe offer some degree of protection and even rack a few kills..but she is no warrior and though her gift of the Arts is without equal I doubt she would be able to do much before she is overrun and killed.She's one hundred and twenty years old her knowledge and ability may be great but her reflexes aren't." She sighed and motioned for Rhodes to follow her back to the elevator."We'll have to take an alternate route, go down to the next level and cross to the other side of the building and gain access to the Maternity Ward from the entrance there.Hopefully most of the hostiles will have been drawn to the battle this end and we'll be able to quietly get The Shamaness to where she needs to be.Maybe grab some of the guards as well to help us just in case." 

" And what of our people here? " Rhodes asked. 

" Hopefully we might find a way of helping them .." Willis looked away from him." .. otherwise all we can do is hope some of them are able to get to us." " Shit.." Rhodes breathed." Well lets get going..I feel like we're deserting them..but the quicker we do this the greater the chance we might be able to still help them." 

Frost and Saxon were back on their feet in seconds, Rodriguez right beside them.The thing they were fighting however when the ceiling collapsed had disappeared,presumably back above licking it's wounds..or better dead.Frost motioned for the others to follow and used the cover of the dust and smoke and the moment of respite from battle to move closer to the corridoor leading into the ward proper.He hoped any of the others would be thinking the same..if they are still alive.The respite however didnt last more than the time it took for the three men to reload and take a few steps.Their guns roared into life once more and as if their noise was a signal the chaos erupted once more. Cutting down nightmare after nightmare Frost wondered whether there truly would be an end to this gauntlet they were running..there seemed to be no end to the hostiles..which was impossible right?  

Across the room Henderson, Dolby, Asagawa, Rickersby and Skaarsgard were sharing similar thoughts as finally having overcome the flesh wall, which still screamed and thrashed as it burned from Rickersby finally getting a chance to stand still long enough to switch to her flame thrower, and now made their way slowly towards the corridoor. Henderson was beginning to wonder if the room was somehow getting bigger.There was no way this was in anyway shape or form the same dimensions as on the blue prints, no way it could physically hold this many bodies even if stacked and squeezed into every nook and cranny.They should've reached the corridoor ten times over by now.It just wasn't possible.A strange sensation suddenly ran through her entire body making her shiver and flush at the same time. The others looked to her and their expressions showed they had felt the same thing.Then a rumbling sound like distant thunder made her look towards the hole where the ceiling had just collapsed and it was shimmering, the light and darkness visible began to swirl, elictricty began to dance across the surface and the area began to expand ripple and contract. 

" Oh no.." Asagawa said." We gotta!" 

" What..what's going on ??" Dolby asked nervously.

" Random dimensional portal." Asagawa said. " Stay here and were gonna end up either over run with more hostiles or end up being fucked up by the portal itself." 

" Then lets move !!" Henderson ordered pushing Dolby towards the corridoor. A cold breeze touched and felt like it went through her just as a shimmering wall,the breadth of the entire room, like liquid moved from the corridoor end of the room in front of them towards the entrance they came through.A flowed quickly and gracefully, beautiful in its reflection and distortion of light..cold in its embrace as everything went white and all thought and feeling ceased. 

" time for napping sweety up you get." Henderson felt herself being lifted to her feet and as her vision returned saw it was Frost who had her.

" What the.." She said as she realised they were now in the least it sort of looked like the corridoor.

" You OK Henderson? " Frost asked." First experience with a dimensional wall shift huh ?"

" Yeah..and yeah I'm fine just a little disoriented" Henderson shook her head.
"You'll be right in a second..and hey good news..we've picked up a few stragglers..Sargeant Boddicker,Private Kyoto and Private sign of the others though."

 " Half the team is missing..thats hardly good news Frost." Henderson snapped. 

" They could've gotten out..the shift could've dropped them off somewhere else within the building." Frost felt her stare pierce him." All I'm saying is it doesn't mean they are dead..or worse."

 " At least we appear to have been given a breather from the shin dig we were caught in." Saxon said,looking back towards the room." Though can't say the same for those stuck on the otherside of that dimensional shift ..they're tearing each other apart in there."

" What I want to know is how come we were the only ones who made it out?" Skaarsgard asked no one in particular. " It's like we've been singled out or something."

" That would take a lot of power to cause a dimensional wall shift let alone control it so precisely." Asagawa said. " No way did it happen naturally..even with the Random portal's influence. Something is in here with us..something frightingly powerful."

" What I'm wondering right now is where the hell that little deer has come from." Dolby asked.

 The others swung round with a chorus of whats and disbelief..yet there it was just down the corridoor watching them silently.

" Well I'll be.." Private Florentino laughed." How cute."

" It's probably gonna kill us all." Skaarsgard deadpanned.

" I'm hungry..could go some veal right about now." Frost said.

" You can't eat Bambi." Saxon punched him in the shoulder." Bambi ?? old are you ?" Frost punched him back.

" Doesn't look like it likes the name either." Kyoto said laughing.

"'s snarling. Look at the top lip's pissed at you Saxon." Dolby laughed. 

" Snarling..oh that doesn't look good!" Rickersby took a step back and raised and aimed a machine pistol at it..which got it's attention..and they all watched what happened next in horror and awe.

 The deer began tremble and its fur began to ripple, it's lips began to pull back and split.It began to shake violently and then to their horror blades tore through the flesh along its body between the front and hind legs in rows and then began spinning sending flesh and fur looked like a living meat grinder.In between the rotating rows of razor sharp blades tendrils of flesh and steel whipped out and reared up aiming their hook ended tips towards them team.The deer's fur and flesh tore away and hung loosely from its skull as it's eyes burst revealing red blazing mechanical lenses and spikes burst through it's skull, out from and around it's neck, and ran the length of it's now slightly elongated spine. It's snout extended and it's jaws elongated into a nightmarish gaping maw of dripping blood and saliva and rusty yet extremely sharp nine inch nails instead of teeth and a rancid,pustulant thrashing tongue. It crouched, tensed and if waiting and ready to pounce and attack.

 " Fuck me..!!" Dolby got out in disbelief..just before the tendrils lashed out and hooked into him and pulled him back towards the land on and be shredded by the spinning blades. The deer made a guttural sound of triumph looking at the bloody chunks of flesh that was Dolby splattered all around it.It tensed to attack again then launched itself into a run along the wall and ceiling, tendrils lashing out at the stunned soldiers.

 Rodriguez was the first to react, then Frost and Henderson..unleashing all the had at it..then the others joined in. The hail of bullets knocked it off the wall then seemed to drive it back yet didn't seem at first to be doing it much damage. It hooked some tendrils into the wall as if to hold it's ground under the barrage and then lashed out cutting and catching the soldiers unprotected skin.Henderson frantically scanned it trying to find a weak spot..maybe even an off-switch..but could spot nothing. Rickersby lobbed a grenade under it and called "fire in the hole" and they all dived backwards as it exploded.They got to their feet quickly and saw the tears along the walls where the hooks had ripped through..saw trails of blood and fur dripping from the walls..and a smoking lump of metal and flesh back down the corridoor.Then it moved, tendrils lashed out and embedded themselves in the walls and a metallic skeletal deer rose to its feet once more and screamed.From adjacent rooms..four more furred animals appeared..and began to shake violently.

" We've so got to get out of here." Frost whispered.Then behind them a female voice, soft yet cold, spoke to them ..

 " This!!" Henderson turned to see a tall woman in decorative robes, covered in religious symbols,hands seemingly bound with an ankh, and a jewel in the forehead of her beautiful young hooded face.She gestured with her eyes they should step into the room ..which Henderson could swear wasn't there a moment ago..and smiled.Henderson thought it was probably a bad idea..but what the fuck..better than being deer food. She gave the order and said thank you to the mysterious girl as she provided cover as each and every member of her team dived into the room.As the creatures gained ground and eventually charged freely forward the girl grabbed Henderson and slammed the door behind them..and everything went white.

 They had made good time and picked up four guards along the way. They found the entrance to the Maternity Ward on this side a lot quieter,and very unsettling for it, and had so far only encountered and easily dispatched a handful of altered patients.Lieutenant Rhodes led the way with the four marines Damphous , Ritchards, Barker and Jackson with the Chief Investigator and Shamaness between them and the two bodyguards.They reached a section where the entire corridoor had been torn apart, warped and remodelled, nearly beyond recognition.There was a gaping hole in the ceiling and a viscous resin like bile pooled underneath it.

 " Rhodes..wait a second." The Chief Investagetor called to him." Let me see if I can scan for.."

 " No need to do that my dear.." A low voice sounded from the hole above." I'm always happy to meet new people."  

More bile splashed down from the hole in the ceiling and Rhodes and the marines assumed defensive positions.

 As the bile showered down the long slug like lower half of the owner of the voice slowly lowered down to the floor, it's white soft underside the obvious source of the bile, and slid along the floor to make room for the rest of the being.The torso appeared next lined with appendages of mechanical arms of hospital equipment, monitors displaying acts of depravity,long yet giant cockroack legs which steadied and lowered it lined with blades and axes and guns.The torn lab coat revealing a stomach and chest infested with leeches and maggots and flies and covered in self inflicted lacerations and burns.It's head came into view next on a snaking elongated neck torn open with spikes and stitching wire both piercing and holding  together the ragged flesh.The face was human, yet monstrously stretched,skin split and nailed in place, mouth stretched into an impossibly wide and drooling smile by hooked chains,and large rancidly decayed teeth.Eyes crazed and jaundiced,and scalp and hair ripped up and stretched over a large crucifix rising from his back behind his head.Dangling on chains from stretched ears like earrings were the severed heads of a child and nurse..both were crying.The overall stench was vile.

 " I'm Doctor Gein.." It spat sweetly. " How may I be of assistance tonight? "

 Suddenly, in the dead centre of the vile creature, a portal opened and a robed figure of a woman stepped through.She appeared to look at the stunned team..but it was hard to tell as she had daggers embedded in her eyes..then seemed to look up at the creature who was still alive somehow..screaming in agony around the portals perimeter..slowly cooking by the smell..shrugged..then turned and said." Come now. He is waiting and time is short."

They all looked to the Shamaness who simply nodded and motioned for them to enter the portal.After they all entered the portal it closed and the Doctor's still living yet slowly cooking remains fell to the floor and he was left lying there screaming in agony..until the rats showed up..and began to eat him alive.

 They all awoke in a gleaming white empty space.

Henderson looked around and made out those of her team and Rhodes and his team, yet she had no idea where she was.

" What the fuck is this place Lieutenant? " Frost asked drowsily.

" Better question than that is what the hell is that? " Skaarsgard asked pointing behind them. 
They all turned and discovered they weren't in a room at all, yet laying on a platform of light,it's glare fading now as their eyes adjusted.They seemed to be in a void of some kind..a pocket dimension maybe..they could breathe yet they felt like they were in space.The sight before them,growing incredibly larger and larger as it drew closer,stopping mere feet from the platform filled there entire vision in every direction.It was alive, horrendous and beautiful at the same time, seemingly made of many beings and things yet a sole being at the same was magnificent a sight to behold.The main focus , where everyone felt compelled to look, felt a presence of greatness, was a massive baby like being with beautiful intricate wings of shining gossamer and mesmerising colours, sitting on a nest of serpents, it's chest ripped and nailed open, from which a larger  sentient horned serpent slithered out of and surveyed those who looked upon it.It was overwhelming a sight ..too much to take in..too much to comprehend.It was something they all knew was truly not mean't for humble eyes like theirs. 
The Shamaness Sersi walked to the edge of the shining platform, seeming somewhat younger and stronger defying her years.The giant infant looked at her and smiled.They stood eyes locked, as if communing, and after a while she nodded and bowed and turned to the others and confronted the questioning in their eyes.

 " Abraxas, child and ancient of the celestial fabric itself, has shown me certain futures, certain paths, and threats and those that pose them to us and ours.His warning is of three great threats ,one of which has begun right here in this clinic run by worshippers of the false god..those they assist lost themselves..all which grant greater power to those who seek them harm.The other two threats await in the shadows,each hidden from  the other,awaiting to see and use how the one fares in its quest."
" Abraxas has shown me the one way, the only way, we may find the answers we seek and possibly defeat the looming threat.It of course will be far from easy,it will take its toll emotionally and physically on all as we will be going where we were never meant to go or see, and of course successful or not..not all shall return..if any.There is no time unfortunately to give you a choice..for that Abraxas is sorry..yet we have to leave go beyond the veil.    


Thanks for viewing and reading..hope you all enjoyed it :)
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