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Continued from [link]

7.35pm March 15, 6260 AC

Rorke's Drift British Dimensional Marine Corps Command Outpost
70 miles north of Pietermaritzburg South Africa along the Mzinyathi River.

Status : Decommissioned.

" Is that him Angelo ?" Simmons ( {35} former New York D.M.C. PSI-Division Enforcer ) cried out over the raging storm to the long haired brick wall of a man scaling the trench wall a few feet below him. He pointed to a large drain tunnel at the base of the fortress. A white armoured figure could be made out amongst the debris water and bodies in the mud.

" Hard to tell with the Redeemer armour on." Angelo ( {32} former Roma D.M.C. Recon Division and unofficially an operative of Vatican City's Elite Guard The Redeemers ) shouted back. " Regardless though he needs our help for there are still creatures down there and he looks wounded."

" That tunnel also happens to be our point of entry too." Helena {27} an athletic blonde former British D.M.C. Special Ops Search and Rescue Division ( unofficial Wetwork ) and Field Medic. " Lucky for him. "

" Otherwise you'd leave him to die ?" Kira ( {28} Japanese/Australian parents and member of The Death's Head Mercenary Cartel . Specializing in assassination and kidnapping and sabotage the petite raven haired killing machine is wanted on just about every government list yet luckily no one has ever managed to capture her face on record. ) " I like that."

" You're twisting what she said Kira." Ty ( {22} former United Government Peacekeeper, originally from Homeworld the artificial Techno-Shaman world. )

" No she wasn't " Helena replied. " Now stow the chatter and get down there if you want to save that guys ass."

" Where's the chief ? " Simmons asked.

" He'll be here in a minute." Helena replied. " Now lets just hit the ground running and save that guy just in case he is the contact."

They landed as a group and quickly took up assault formation and ignored the guts, bones and remains of humans and creatures alike cracking and squelching under their boots. They ran as silently as possible towards the tunnel and Helena took in the six creatures closing in on the wounded Redeemer who seemed to be armed only with a sword which he was swinging wildly in ever weakening arcs and a small flame thrower which also appeared to be running out of gas.

Angelo and Simmons were on the ball and took out two of the creatures simultaneously reducing their heads to red mist with single shots. Their humanoid bodies fell twitching to the ground , skin tight over their malformed limbs and tumorous growth covered upper torso's . Kira used her stealth armour to swiftly move up past the creatures and leaped up on top of the ledge above the tunnel opening and targeted the giant creature. At least nine feet tall, massive muscular frame encased in crimson armour with glowing runes of some sort, and an equally large head luckily not protected by a helmet of any kind. It's misshapen face covered with deformities was fierce and full of rage yet it's eyes revealed intelligence and control. Kira put a round in each of them from her silenced side arm and was already mid- flight before the creature collapsed.

Helena took advantage of the large creature's collapse diverting the other three creatures attention and stomped on the spine of a creature that resembled a millipede which became a humanoid torso with crab like arms and pincers and put two rounds in the back of it's elongated almost simian looking head. It's spine shattered under her boot as it's brains and skull splattered the ground in front of it. Ty took out the remaining two creatures with steel bolts from a disposable mini crossbow. They were the most humanoid and frail looking of the creatures yet when hit they exploded and knocked all except Ty who was nearer to the trench wall off their feet.

" What the fuck did you hit them with ?!!" Helena snapped at him.

" Solid steel bolts that's all." Ty looked still stunned. " No explosives I swear ! "

" It's ok Ty I believe you. I've seen it happen before. " A deep gruff voice from behind him said. " Helena dial it down a bit on the attitude front. Kid's done nothing wrong. "

" Abel ..?" Ty turned.

" Relax kid. She acts like the world's hardest bitch but really she actually cares. Well..sometimes anyway. Nice shots by the way." Abel ( {30} sole survivor of the Afghanistan Quarantine Zone Incident 6235 AC , found by British D.M.C Recon out of Camp Bastion. Sent to England age six to attend D.MC. college. Disappeared on his fifteenth birthday. Wanted internationally and believed by some to be a terrorist. ) " Helena check the Redeemer out. You others you know the drill. "

" Abel he's ready for you. " Helena said five minutes later from the tunnel entrance. " He's our contact alright and Angelo's friend. He's got broken ribs and his left leg is broken in three places. Patched him up as best I can and gave him some morphine to ease the pain but only enough to do just that. He's still coherent and sharp but he won't be moving anytime soon. "

" OK Helena good job. " Abel gave her a slight smile." What's his name ?"

" Vittorio. He's the Redeemers Right Hand their version of a General so he's pretty high up the food chain and well informed. " Helena whispered the next words. " Might not be best if he see's your face. You are wanted internationally for alleged terrorist activity and theft of Military vehicles and restricted weapons."

" Well the second part is right at least. " Abel grinned. " As for being recognized by this guy it won't matter. He isn't going anywhere without our help and we'll relieve him of any communication devices. Even if he's triggered a homing device or S.O.S we'll be long gone before they get here. So don't worry and let's get the intel we need and do what we came here to do."

" Very well.." Helena gestured with her hand to him to go on through. He punched her left shoulder lightly as he passed and winked at her. " Smart arse." She whispered and his grin got bigger.

" Vittorio I'm Abel pleased to meet you. " Helena threw her hands up in mock defeat. He acted like he didn't see. " So what can you tell us? Quick, precise and without embellishment if you please. If who I suspect is up there we don't have much time. "

" I know who you are and also what you want to know. " Vittorio replied quietly yet strong. " The Vatican has a file on you and we know you aren't a terrorist so no one seeks to arrest you here. We also have files on those you seek and yes they are here. "

" Is she here ?" Abel asked.

" The one referred to as The Word and The Will ?" Vittorio nodded. " Yes I saw her. Whether she is still here I'm not sure there has been numerous portal activity signatures since their arrival. That was thirty minutes ago. Unfortunately and uncharacteristically they arrived too late to save those they came for."

" Who did they come for ?" Simmons asked.

" The three newborns The Cult brought to sacrifice to open the portal for the demon they worship to come through and save them and take dominion of this world and save it from the damnation that Humanity has brought upon it. They are the Cult of Belial and they believe this is where he is destined to emerge from."

" Why here ? " Ty asked.

" In 6179 on January 22nd through into January 23rd the one hundred and thirty-nine British D.M.C. and eleven Technicians and staff left to man the outpost fought and won somehow the first victory against the dark plague that was the forces of "She ". Forces who had only earlier that day conquered British D.M.C protected Isandhlwana with tragic and horrific results."

" The Battle Of Rorke's Drift, not only heroic but allowed The British D.M.C to keep a foothold here and gradually set in motion things that would eventually turn things around in coordination with other countries around the world." Helena said. " Yes we know all about it."

Vittorio sighed then continued." The Cult believes however that those that attacked the small garrison at Rorke's Drift here had nothing to do with " She" but in fact the four thousand creatures were Belial's soldiers and that "She" in her dark quest had broken the seal opening the dimensional portal between his realm and the land he used to rule before God brought light to this world and his Angels forced the Old Ones to abandon their rightful claim."

" Sound like a right bunch of nutters." Angelo shook his head.

" Yet they opened a portal and released something here." Kira said. " Nuts or not they got something right. "

" Did the.." Helena started to ask but was cut off by Vittorio.

" Angels kill them ? All except two. The Leaders. The rest they slaughtered with glee." He shuddered.

" Slaughtered with glee..? " Abel spoke with a note of concern." That doesn't sound like the ones I encountered."

" I wouldn't know." Vittorio said quietly. " What I do know is that what I saw should never be done to a living creature. Listen, you're like you said wasting time here and as far as I know my team is dying or dead up there. Or worse. You need to do what you came to do. They are on the first and second floors above ground. All told I think there are about eight of them."

" Why didn't you save the children ? " Helena asked.

" What..?. Oh..We under estimated The Cults knowledge of The Arts. When the Angels as you call them failed to arrive before the ritual went too far we immediately left cover but could not get close due to a barrier they had conjured. The Angels when they did arrive collapsed it, that's when I saw her your Holiness, but she did so from outside so they too must have encountered it's power. By then though the ritual was complete, the portal opened and the creatures came. Here too the Angels seemed to enjoy themselves. Not her of course, but her minions. The rest as you say is history. I was cut off eventually from my men and eventually forced to defend myself here. Now go.."

" Thanks Vittorio." Abel nodded and stood up. " Right people let's do what the man said. Vittorio here take this. " He handed Vittorio a T-S 60 Magnum fully auto hand gun. A cannon more than a side arm. Vittorio hesitated and started to shake his head. " It's Techno-Shaman I know and to use it is against your beliefs but it'll keep you alive." With that Abel dropped it in his lap and turned away from him.

" Good luck.." Vittorio said quietly.

They encountered a few remaining creatures in the tunnel but made short work of them and soon reached a maintenance shaft that would take them up to the Maintenance and Power level. Kira went up the shaft's ladder and opened the hatch slowly using once again her armour's cloaking device. She scanned the level as best she could but conditions were not best for certainty. The generators and boilers were making things difficult to hear and the poor lighting difficult to see. Add to that towers and rows of racks for storage and sprinklers set off by something in the building. It was a nightmare and potentially a deathtrap. She reluctantly signaled the others to come up.

" What a mess." Simmons looked around concerned. " Perfect for an ambush."

" Yep." Kira sighed." Before you ask the only way upward and forward is the other end of this and no I won't use Stealth again until absolutely necessary as it uses too much power which I might need later in combat."

" Can't Simmons use his PSI to scan the place ?" Ty asked.

" Kid I don't have PSI ability. " Simmons laughed. " I was an Enforcer, we protected the PSI Operatives and did the grunt work for them."

" Oh.." Ty said embarrassed

" Shit you guys give Merc's a bad name ! " Helena pushed through and started walking between the generators.

" Come on otherwise she'll get all the kills." Abel laughed and ran to catch up with her.

" Or get us all killed." Ty said

" I hear ya kid." Angelo said " C'mon lets go."

They made it to the other side without incident. They went through the door and single file went up a small flight of stairs through another door into a large open kitchen and mess area. Though dimly lit they could see well enough to see nothing hid in wait for them. Led by Helena and Abel they quickly moved through the area to the exit . They opened the door and were about to take to the stairs when they heard first yelling then sounds of struggle from the floor above.

Then a loud bang rocked the door at the top of the stairs and they all froze. The door took another hit and flew off it's hinges landing halfway down the stairs. It was smeared with blood. Abel was about to signal the others to start moving back into the kitchen when a figure in white came flying through the doorway above and he jumped out of the way just before the figure smashed into the wall where he was standing. It was a Redeemer, gold cross emblazoned on his white armours chest plate, his sword rammed dead centre through it. His full face helm smashed in rendering his features nothing but mashed bone, flesh, blood, brains, glass and metal. Abel swung round and looked up at the door way as he heard a barely audible laugh and glimpsed what looked like a woman in a hat and crimson gown step back into the darkness of the next level. He looked to Helena who already was starting to move to the foot of the stairs and was about to stop her when two things happened.

First was the sound of a ceiling panel falling in the kitchen right behind where Ty was standing as he had not entered the stairwell before everyone had froze. He swung round looked up and the door slammed shut behind him. Quicker than his eyes or mind could register his weapon was ripped out of his hands and something whipped around his throat and lifted him off the floor up towards the ceiling. Then more ceiling tiles fell and his arms and legs were pulled out to the sides like a star jump.

He saw to his disbelief that what held him were vines, branches, thorns, and pulsing worm like things and flesh and muscle bloodied and raw. All entwining and tightening around his limbs, then finally around his mouth. He could hear the others bashing on the door trying to get to him but could see the whole door and either side covered in more of the same that held him. Worm like things spat yellow fluid around the edges as if to help hold it in place. A putrid smell of flowers both fresh and dead along with dust and rotting flesh hit his face. He looked up and in the darkness saw a grinning white face looking down at him. Porcelain white, rosy blood red lips, and what looked like a bullet hole in it's forehead. It twitched slightly and studied him with eyes both curious and innocent. Beautiful , haunting and alien. He felt horrified and mesmerized at the same time.

The look then turned to mischief and insanity and a cooing almost musical came from it and fear smashed him back to reality as he felt the bonds that held him tighten and start to pull. The pain was incredible and he tried to scream but his mouth filled with vines as he opened it and he gagged as they forced down his throat. He heard it laugh , it made sure of it, before it tore him apart from inside and out. It disappeared swiftly and as Angelo flung the now non barricaded door open all he saw were vines vanishing into the ceiling. That and gore and blood splashed all over the kitchen, dripping from the broken ceiling and oozing down the walls.

" Oh..sweet Jesus.. Ty.." Angelo whispered and begun to shake.

" Holy shit.." Simmons tried to take it all in. Kira looked then lowered her head and turned away and Helena just winced then looked away.

" Simmons , Helena ! " Abel looked through the door yet did not step through. " Grab Angelo and bring him back in here before he loses it totally." He scanned the room one more time and this time noticed something that brought back memories. A smell, strong despite the blood and carnage.They brought Angelo in and he closed the door.

" That poor young." Angelo said to no one. " No one deserves to die like that. I should've kept him safe, Peacekeeper or not he was still fucking green man."

" Angelo it wasn't your fault and he wasn't green at all just had never faced anything like this before. We were all caught off guard. It's certainly not your fault." Abel said calmly and sincerely.

" What the fuck did that to him man ?" Angelo asked him.

" Not "what" Angelo but "who" . " Abel's expression darkened as he spoke. " I recognized the scent "

" The scent ? " Helena was confused. " The scent of what ?"

" Innocence.." He replied. He shook the feeling of rage building inside off. He saw the others looking at him confused and concerned and turned to Angelo. " You okay to continue ? I need to know you'll be sharp when the shit hits."

" Yes my friend ..of course." Angelo collected himself ." Let's do this and avenge poor Ty!"

" Amen to that." Abel said quietly. He then addressed everyone. " OK..quietly, quickly and carefully up the stairs. Do not enter the next level without checking the area first." He looked at Helena when saying that. " I saw the Redeemer's assailant briefly. She may still be up there and she may not be alone. Please take no chances."

They nodded and moved single file up the stairs covering all angles. Abel covered their six. Kira and Simmons looked into the near darkness but could make out no movement. Kira moved slowly out into the room but all remained still and quiet. It seemed to be a small foyer area with two offices to her right which had glass facades so she could see there was nobody in them. To her left there was a large monitor on the wall which was smashed and double doors from which light seeped under. She nodded to Simmons and he in turn signaled to the others to come through. She moved to the double doors and waited till the others were in position. Abel nodded and she opened the left door inward and light flooded in causing them to look down or to the side for a split second. A hallway was revealed with doors to offices on either side, six to a side, and then a turn to the right at the end. A tall crimson garbed figure was glimpsed for a second at the turn at the end of the hall then stepped out of sight. Then the lights went out.

" Oh shit.." Simmons whispered. Abel silenced him . He moved forward to the open door slowly, assault rifle raised and ready, and signaled to Kira to cover him as soon as he was through. He placed one foot through the door and the lights snapped back on. He shut his eyes quickly for a second to protect his vision then opened them at the same time he heard the rest of the team gasp. The hall was no longer empty yet nothing moved either except of course the dripping blood. Six Redeemers, the remaining members of Vittorio's team, lined the hall.

One sitting cross legged with his hands holding his severed head face down into his crotch. One disemboweled and held aloft up the wall nearly ceiling height by three spikes through his helm and head into the wall. Blood and entrails pooling beneath him on the floor. Another stripped naked and nailed on the opposite wall so he appeared crucified but in an inverted display.Another hung from the ceiling by his ankles and razor wire legs apart and his sword to the hilt deep between them. Another severed into pieces laid out to form an inverted pentagram on the floor. The last fully armoured on it's back on the floor yet it's entire skin laid out in perfect condition on top of the armour like a empty stocking. All bones, organs, fluids inside the armour. All a mockery of their faith and a foul violation and humiliation of them all.

Angelo doubled over and vomited violently. He knew them all. Simmons wretched and managed to hold it in but staggered back so he couldn't see anymore. Kira just stared. Helena felt sick to her soul yet detached herself emotionally to stay in control by not thinking of those men as people but just meat in a slaughter house. Cold and despicable yes but it was all she could do to keep it together. Abel shed a few involuntary tears but was absolutely seething inside. A feeling he had not felt since that night. A feeling it took therapists nearly a year to help him come to grips with and at least pretend to control. He battled to pretend once again. Then the lights went out again.

" Oh fuck me..." He heard Kira say with uncharacteristic fear in her voice. "..what now ?"

" Everyone hold their position." Helena spoke almost in a whisper. " Abel fall back now..." as soon as she started to say it the door slammed with such force she and Kira were thrown back and both doors warped inwards.

Outside in the hall the lights burst back on and Abel shielded his eyes once again. He opened them again a moment later and flicked his long hair out of his face. A tall woman in crimson stood directly in front of him. At first he thought it was " Her", that cold bitch who had taken the girls and murdered Holly twenty-five years ago but it wasn't. The absolute cold of her presence and somewhat religious attire were the only things this one shared with The Word and The Will. She towered above him at about nine feet and stared down at him with lifeless eyes. Her face of course that now too familiar merging of mask and skin, hard to tell where one begins and the other ends, which is which. White and dessicated skin like quality with eyes holes ragged and visible through their dark recesses the dead eyes aforementioned.Her mouth black lipstick with dark lines going down from both corners of her mouth and from the middle of her bottom lip down her chin. She had a plain bead like gem in her forehead and more jagged dessicated cracks just below where the mask/face ended and the head dress/ habit began.

It looked like a cross between a nun or a priestess or even a papal type hat, yet shredded and damaged by age and decay. What remained intact was of course intricately decorated and in the middle was a cross symbol which he had seen before and remembered meaning " As Above So Below..". Material draped down the sides of her face reminiscent of her Holiness and were decorated. Rotten wood formed an "X" or fallen cross behind her head and rings looped behind them as if in support. From this " X" draped long sewn or stapled together patches of flesh and skin. Above the head piece was a cold white halo from which danced blue energy arcs and sparks and dark pulsing energy.

Her neck laced in leather and jewels joining an armour plate decorated and with a character as it's centerpiece. Kanji probably but he wasn't sure.Dressed in flowing robes, some lightly decorated, yet mostly a silk crimson in colour with a darkness that seemed to thrive and give the material the feeling it was alive. Her breasts exposed except for a strip of leather running from underneath the armour plate for support though her nipples were exposed and pierced with spikes from which rosary beads were strung. She wore an intricately detailed armoured bodice with another character which with the curve of her hips gave way to cascading ruffled dress that was once beautiful but at the lowest part it was torn and decaying. It also did not cover from mid thigh down in the front but split to reveal a cage like structure or even a frame for dressmaking, he didn't know what the hell it was but it surrounded not legs but a deep darkness which reached the ground.

Her left arm was as strong and quick as it was disturbing. Gold bands on her fingers, a strange Egyptian looking eye tattooed on her palm, and three nails in her wrist. Hooked chains of beads and crosses hung from her wrist as well, spike pierced a bit lower, and underneath and above and through all the way down her forearm were rings of metal some linked some not. The skin was stretched thin and gnarled. She grabbed him by the throat and lifted him up like he was nothing. She smiled thinly and without a hint of kindness and then they were engulfed in darkness as a portal erupted around them.

" Abel !!!" Helena banged on the doors. A pinging alarm sounded from Kira's armour and left gauntlet. " What was that ?

" Portal activity alarm. Whatever happened out there ended in a portal being opened." Kira said. " Stand back from the doors."

" Why ?" Helena asked.

" Because they are about to.." Kira dropped to a prone position immediately without finishing and pulled Helena down with her just mere seconds before the already warped doors suddenly exploded off their hinges flew into the room over their heads and just missed beheading Angelo before smashing through the glass offices behind them. Simmons wasn't so lucky as the others and was knocked off his feet into the stairway after one of the doors clipped his jaw hard on the way past.

" Everyone okay ? " Helena asked getting to her feet. Angelo simply nodded, Kira did the same, and Simmons groaned from the stairs. " Kira what the fuck was that ?"

" Psi attack." Kira replied whilst trying to scan the hall for more threats. " One of Abel's Angels must be a pretty damn powerful Psi to exert that level of force ."

" She also has Abel." Helena turned to Angelo. " Are you okay now ?" He nodded. " Good because we fucking need you. Simmons you good ?"

" Yeah good thing I got a strong jaw though." He said whilst rubbing it.

" Fantastic lets go get Abel. " She didn't like being the hard ass , especially to Angelo, but she was the only one who could take charge. " Kira take point, Simmons and Angelo fall in behind her, and I'll watch our sixes. Everyone stick together and if the light shit starts again don't freak out. Fall back unto me and we'll face whatever comes together. Let's move !"

Kira moved out into the hall swiftly and this time the lights remained on. She waited two seconds for the others to join her then led the way carefully down the hallway. She held a hand up towards them as they reached the turn signaling them to wait till she checked it out. She pulled a palm size mirror from her utility belt, extended a tiny handle, and held it out angling it so she could see. Another long hallway with more offices and a door at the end. There was also another corridoor which branched off to the left three quarters of the way along.

She spun across the hall to the opposite wall and waited to see if anything reacted. Nothing did . She edged her way along the wall keeping low and alert as she came up to the doors of each office. Nothing jumped out and she finally reached the intersecting corridoor. She pulled the mirror again and saw it was only short and led to three steps and a large metallic door. A sign read Security and a small display flashed red meaning the door was locked. She decided it was no threat and signaled the others to join her. They did so, Angelo to her side and Simmons and Helena the other side of the hall.

She made to move up to the door at the end and heard something scurry in the ceiling past her towards the door. She pointed to the ceiling then down to the door and Helena nodded. Helena and Simmons targeted the ceiling above the door and Angelo covered the other offices Kira had yet to pass just in case they held a surprise as well. Kira slung her assault rifle and from a leg pouch pulled a T/S Snub Nosed Double Barreled Shotgun . Small but perfect for close quarters. She cocked it and edged along the wall to the door ready for whatever was in the ceiling to launch it's attack. They waited but nothing happened. A few more minutes passed and Kira looked to Helena who motioned to her to move to the door and get ready to open it on her signal.

The others slowly moved up to within a few feet and trained their weapons on the door. It was a powered door like the Security door but the panel was lit green and there was a release button above it. On Helena's signal Kira tapped it and the door slid to the right revealing a wall of mutilated bodies stacked floor to ceiling. The Cult members Vittorio had mentioned. Held in place by razor wire, metal stakes, and limbs from one body shoved into an orifice of the next. Covered in still glistening blood, body fluids, and excrement as well as maggots and rats. The sight and smell was bad enough but the realization that the bodies in question, about twenty-eight in total, were still alive shocked even Kira who had seen and done extreme and vile things in her time. She could hear some whimpering and moans but it was the wet sounds that made he shoot a pleading look to Helena for permission to close the door. Helena nodded.

Kira hit the button again but before the door could close the sickening wall exploded in through the door raining blood,bodies and flesh, maggots and rats towards ,down, around and upon them. They covered their faces as best they could but they still were drenched and covered in foul gore and shit. Parts that covered the floor, limbs and heads, still twitched , eyes looked upon them as if with thought and emotion behind them. The rats recovered, the maggots writhed, and returned to their meal once more. Helena looked away to the door and saw a small creature disappear into the ceiling through a dislodged panel. The room itself was brightly lit and was filled with computers, monitors and what looked like a Virtual Display Table in the center. An Intelligence Center or War Room. She moved towards it ignoring the noises and feeling of what was beneath her feet. She grabbed Kira and stepped through the door.

She turned to wave Simmons and Angelo to hurry the hell up in time to see them disappear into portals beneath them. Then with a sickening squelching noise the door slid closed and locked. Kira put a hand on her shoulder.

" We can't help them and chances are they'll be where Abel was taken. " Kira said. " If we hurry we can still save them."

" Let's hope so." Helena replied without much belief in her voice. " See if you can't find the layout to this place and find us the quickest route to the next level. "

" Already on it. " Kira said. " Okay. There's another corridoor just through the door on the other side of this room with about six offices a store room and at the end a bank of elevators. "

" Sick of doors and long hall ways and being ambushed. " Helena said. " Elevators, fish in a barrel. Anything else ?"

" There is another way but it's pretty damn tight. Get caught in there and we may as well have taken the elevators." Kira didn't wait for Helena to add anything. " It's a maintenance tunnel for all the computers and air conditioning in this room. There's a ladder at the end that leads up to the next level and into another tunnel which brings us out into another room like this. Communications I think."

" Anything else ?" Helena said not really liking this route either.

" Nope." Kira replied. " It's risky and yes if we get jumped we'll be spam in a can. However it's not a place they'd immediately think to ambush us nor a place they'd be able to move in either. From what I've gathered they're pretty tall bitches."

" I wouldn't make any assumptions about them. Just before we came in here I thought I saw a thing the size of a baby disappear up into the ceiling. I could've imagined it though." Helena said .

" Not your style. " Kira said. " Don't worry baby size is perfect for my little shotty here. Reduce the little bugger to mist in no time."

" Fair enough. " Helena smiled." Well I don't like it but it's better than the hall. Let's do it."

" This way and watch your head . If you don't bang it or cut it on something you may touch something and fry it instead. " Kira smiled. " Appears they weren't exactly concerned with health and safety regulations here just power and speed when they left this place on auto as a over grown Intel gatherer and storage bank. Lots of exposed shit in here."

" Great.." Helena sighed.

Simmons awoke in a room just barely lit by tiny ceiling lights. He shook his head to clear the disorientation caused by the short portal jump. He looked around and gathered he was in a small personnel quarters as he realized he was laying on a bed. He sat up slowly to avoid being dizzy and getting a headache which portal jumps always gave him. He checked his gear to make sure he still had his weapons. He did. Why would they port him and leave him his weapons ? Didn't make sense but then again not much of this night had either. He stood up and walked slowly to the door. He slowly opened it and carefully looked out.

It was a small sparse decorated hall with six other identical rooms lining it's length. A door at either end with letters and numbers painted on them. Typical military dorm cluster. They told him that at least he was on the third level. There was signs of recent fighting with doors stuck half open smeared with blood and signs of impact and weapons fire. Redeemers handy work probably unless the Cult members were armed. Fat lot of good it did them. He stepped into the hall and turned right as he knew that would lead into the building not to the battlements and walkways outside. He had to find the others and find the stairs down. They'd be heading to the second level as planned if they were alright of course. If not he was gonna get the fuck out of this place.

He moved quickly to the door at the right end of the hall and hit the release button. It slid open silently and revealed an identical area. He saw that the door at the end had the serial number which ended with two which meant there would be another identical area and then a Rec. Room and stairs and elevators down. Sweet not far to go then.He swiftly made his way through and opened the door into the last dorm area. He got half way down the last hall when he heard a woman crying out for help. His first instinct was to go to her but then his mind kicked in with his training telling him to not be a hero or stupid and walk into an obvious trap. The voice got louder, closer, and before he knew it a door to his left slid open and a woman in a white hooded robe crawled out.

" I can't see..I need help. " She lowered her voice to an exhausted quieter tone which at least wouldn't attract any attention from other areas. " I heard someone out here. Is there anyone here ? Can you help me ? Please..? "

He debated with himself for a second and sighed. She looked immediately in his direction and reached out and grabbed his boot. Fuck !!! No choice now. " Help me please !!!" She cried.

" It's okay, I'll help just keep your voice down. " Simmons tried to keep the annoyance from his voice. He was annoyed at himself not her. He should've kept going instead of stopping when he first heard her. " Let's get you back in the room."

" Thank you." She said as he helped her to her feet and back inside the room. " Who are you ? What's your name ? "

" Simmons, and don't thank me yet. We're all still very much knee deep in shit. " He looked at her and saw she was naked under the robe except for tattered remnants of a simple frock hanging from her waist. She was covered in deep lacerations and wounds all over her body and her chest was scarred terribly like old burn scars. She flicked back her hood and her mane of dreadlocks fell forward covering her face ." What the hell happened to you ? Who did this to you ?"

" I don't know.." She raised her head slightly then pulled him close to her so her face was buried against his stomach and her arms gripped his hips tight. " Please..can't you just get me out of here ?"

" You're a Cult member aren't you ?" He asked trying to gently wriggle free of her grasp. She was strong for someone so injured.

" No..just a squatter. " She said. " Been living here a month then these freaks turned up. Please just get me out of here."

" I will I promise but you've got to let go of me." He said " I have to get to my team. Stay here you'll be safe here and we'll come for you when it's safe I promise."

" No !!" She cried. " Don't leave me. Stay with me. I'll make it worth your while."

" What..?" Simmons looked down at her in shock as she stood lifting him up off the floor nearly bashing his head against the ceiling then turning round and slamming him down on the bed. It jarred him badly and knocked the wind out of him and also made him drop his assault rifle. Once his vision stopped swimming he gasped in realization and fear gripped him as he finally saw her face. More precise her mask.She was one of Abel's fucking Angel's.

Seemingly attached to her skin where her hair flowed in dreads it was made of patches of skin sewn and stapled together, tattered and torn around the left eye jaw and mouth exposed so he could see her insane grin. The right eye socket was drawn in tight and a solid black eye stared through the button sized hole. Her left eye more Human and a window to her deranged violent state. Her neck incredibly scarred like her chest Her breasts scarred as he noticed before but now closer he could see instead of nipples she had holes which seemed to be moistening as he looked. Where the tattered frock remains clung to her waste she had a symbol of a circle with an arrow through it it's meaning lost on him. She was screaming, raving , looking down on him yet he couldn't yet make out what she was saying.

She slapped him hard and he snapped out of his drowsy state. His armour was suddenly somehow being torn from him along with his fatigues and in seconds he was naked. He heard wet sounds and suddenly he felt pain tear through his arms and legs and felt a warmth engulf his genitals. He couldn't move, pinned down, and mounted. Was he being raped ? He looked at his arms and legs, his waist and sides and saw what was causing the pain, pinning him down. Thick snake like creatures, no eyes, all fucking teeth latched onto him like frenzied pit bulls. He followed their lengths back to their origins. They were coming from the gaping wounds, the slashes and deep cuts he'd seen before, her arms and legs now shredded to unleash these creatures.

Her pelvic area was still intact though as she writhed and ground on him though he didn't know how he was hard. Pain seared through him again as the creatures bit through his flesh and suddenly he could hear her ravings.

" Fill me with your flesh, fill me with your seed, just like you did all those women before. Give me your all and allow me to give you the pleasure that you gave them along with your friends. Take me to the places you took them so I can give you the ultimate pain and feelings you forced upon them so I can experience the delight and power you felt. Let me have your all so my heart can feel alive, let me devour your soul along with your flesh. Fill me feed me so I can feel your life explode in one last caress."

He screamed in horror and pain he never knew existed as the snake things tore and devoured his flesh right off his bones as she writhed still on top of him. Why hadn't he blacked out? Why wasn't he dead ? Fuck why couldn't he just die! Memories of what he and his friends had done on missions to the women they had found alone. To the prostitutes they hired or falsely arrested. They were all drugged out of their minds, all addicts he and his friends, but they were also under the control of one powerful and twisted PSI Detective who was later discovered and executed. They were cleared of all responsibility. Was she punishing him ? Why when he wasn't in control ?

" Because you deep down enjoyed it." She met his wide eyes and he realized for the first time after years of denial that she was right. " Just as now I'll..enjoy..this.." She threw her head back and in that second they both writhed and exploded in orgasm together yet where she writhed with twisted righteous pleasure he writhed in pain then began slowly dying with the knowledge that he was just as much a monster as she. As they finished she lent forward and kissed him taking his last breath. She rose and smiled satisfied and entered a portal leaving his head whole on the pillow, the rest of him devoured or splattered and strewn around the room.

Angelo awoke the same time as Simmons had. Yet he awoke in a place he recognized. The drainage tunnel where they had left Vittorio. He wondered for a second how he got here then he remembered a portal and knew he been removed from the fight He shook his head and struggled to his feet. He was near the shaft with the ladder they had climbed and once his eyes cleared enough he looked back along the tunnel to see if he could see his friend. He couldn't see much as it was dark out and not much light was coming through the entrance but he could see something. He slowly made his way along the tunnel until he saw his friend where they had left him what seemed like hours earlier. Yet as his eyes took in the sight and his final will and strength left him he realized his friend was not how they left him.

" Vittorio..sweet Jesus..not you too my friend." He felt like raging and screaming God down from the Heavens but he did not have anything left in him.

Vittorio was torn to shreds and appeared to have been fed upon. His sword lay useless in his right hand bloody whilst the gun Abel had given him lay on the floor it's ammunition count displaying it had not been fired.

" Why Vittorio ?" Angelo whispered. " Why did you not use it ?"

" Because he was a man of great Faith ." A soft young girls voice slightly muffled answered from behind him. " He fought valiantly and died without fear. Poor deluded soul."

" Who..?" Angelo swung round yet did not raise his weapon. At first he saw only blue flames or flares of energy in the darkness back where he awoke then slowly it glided into view. He felt an immediate and intense heavy feeling as she approached and stood or more precisely hovered in front of him. He felt no ill intent from it but knew this must be one of Abel's Angels.

It was ethereal in it's presence and beautiful in it's darkness. Long flowing robes over beautiful ornate bodice and armour and long ruffled dress intricately patterned. Material silken and black almost appearing to flow with a life of it's own. Hands in prayer and encased in shackles with large chains hanging down. The right disappearing into the folds of darkness that were her robes the left falling down in front of her swaying slightly under the weight of a metallic spiked ball. As fearsome as it looked he got the feeling it was not a weapon but a vessel which encased something precious. As did the metallic featureless mask or helmet which hid her face.

Her slim neck protected by armour, decorated with crosses and other inscriptions, must've also supported her head. There was a lattice like metallic frame directly behind her neck and shoulders and a deep darkness that somehow gave the sense if you were to touch it it would swallow you whole. The mask itself was simple and followed the contours of the face beneath without revealing any features. The middle and around where the forehead would be was slightly raised as if to form a cross and directly in the middle was a character of some sort. Beneath the raised area and in the slight hollows of where the eyes would be were small spikes whilst around her head large spikes stuck out like a crown of thorns. The top half of her head seemed to have been removed and in it's place rested and grew roses and lotus flowers of some description. From the raised crossbeam around the forehead and sides of her head pure white ribbons or sashes flowed and rippled as if kept aloft by some unseen wind.

From behind her head rose a large circular ornate symbol which looked like inside it's stone frame a snake encircled darkness and from which it's center rose a cross entwined with thorns and sided by two large nails. Another circular ornate plate overlapped the first behind the cross with an eye carved into it along with other symbols. In front of the eye appeared to hover a third large nail from which the blue flame erupted and spread around the entire twin circle structure. It's light seemed to hold him mesmerized and to penetrate his very soul. He collapsed to his knees and offered no resistance as her cold hands held his face.

" Such sadness. Such grief. Such pain." She spoke with genuine care. " Let me take it away. So much heartache and misplaced guilt your poor heart must know no other way. Let it torture you no more."

" don't.." Angelo felt himself start to slip away. A painful memory at a time.

" Hush now dear one." She spoke sweetly. " Let it all go. Your undeserved burden, your sadness so suffocating, your misplaced guilt. The friends you lost to battles not your fault but that of their own actions, decisions and destiny. Grieve for them one last time then let them go. Your wife and son died not by any fault of yours but sheer cruelty of fate. Your only sin, your only true guilt and wrong doing by those you loved, was that you wasted your life gripped in a pointless undeserved state of self torture and guilt." She shuddered and released his face.

He was crying yet somehow felt a weight had been removed from his heart. Yet now she had removed her hands he felt a darkness, a heavy feeling, begin to grow once again.

" So sad." She spoke with a resigned tone. " I can remove your pain but only you can forgive yourself. Only you can save yourself." She touched his face softly one last time and turned away. " Be kind to yourself dear one." She said and stepped into a portal.

" Wait..don't go !!" Angelo cried too late. He closed his eyes trying to stop the tears from falling. A darkness , a despair gripping him more intense than he had ever felt or maybe it just felt that way now because she had blessed him with a moments peace. He suddenly realized he was holding something in his left hand when a moment ago he was sure he wasn't holding anything. He looked and saw it was the T-S 60 Magnum that Abel had left for Vittorio. He studied it for a moment then remembered what the Angel had just said. " Be kind to yourself..."

Kira and Helena had made it up to the next level into the Communications Centre. It was dimly lit and mostly from the flickering monitors giving it that sombre blue colour. A relatively small room cramped with chairs and work stations with only a narrow path left in the middle to enter and leave the room. The door was to the right outside of which was a small Security post and then through glass doors the main open area. At least that's what the security display inside the room showed them. The open area of Level 2 was oval in shape and around it's radius were offices, research labs, a large conference room, a refreshment area, elevators and toilets. In the middle was an ornate fountain depicting the Archangel Michael and around it various potted plants and flowers fake of course yet still nice to look at. Two staircases at opposite ends of the area curved around and up to the second mezzanine level .

" Can we see into the rooms from here ? " Helena asked.

" No. Labs were probably hush hush and the offices probably not allowed either. Spies and shit like that." Kira smiled. " Afraid it's gonna be the old fashioned way."

" Great. " Helena checked her assault rifle." Then let's get on the road then shall we."

Kira turned to lead the way when suddenly a ceiling panel hit her on her head. She dived forward into a roll immediately then jumped up turned and fired her shotgun at the exact spot the panel fell from. Nothing was there. Then another panel fell and another and the sounds of scurrying. Helena tried to track the noise but it was moving so quick. She heard more panels fall in the maintenance tunnel. She went to investigate but Kira stopped her and whispered the word " trap ". She pulled her towards the door and as she hit the release button the monitors began to explode and a fire started.

" Go !" Kira yelled pushing Helena through the half open door. She backed out immediately after her and as she went to hit the close button she saw what looked like a baby start crawling out of the ceiling. She quickly unloaded both barrels at it at the same time it launched itself at them. Her shots didn't hit dead on but they did wing it knocking it off course causing it to scream. The door slid shut and they heard it slam into it with a hard bang and a god awful squeal. They were through the glass doors when a scream full of sheer rage came from up above them. Not directly above but somewhere on the second mezzanine level. They started hearing smashing noises coming towards them up there.

" I think you pissed off Mum !" Helena pointed to the toilets which were open and the closest. " Lets go!"

They made it just in time and ducked into the Mens as they heard something land then run straight through the glass Security Station doors and then a incredible scream of metal as they guess whatever it was ripped the Communications door open. " Fucking Hell .." Kira whispered. " Bitch is strong ! We gotta get out of here before she comes looking."

They heard the "Baby" mewling and a female voice trying to soothe it. Then even though the female didn't emerge from the Communications room they heard her speak towards the main area.

" You may hide for now but very shortly you will die !" Then they heard the cracking sound of a portal being opened and Kira quickly dived through the entrance into the cubicle area her hand covering her gauntlet trying to muffle the pinging sound she knew would come next. It sounded but she just heard it. She hoped that the creature outside couldn't hear it. She'd heard a sonic thump as she was diving back here so hopefully it'd taken it's child and gone. Helena came through and signaled to her that it was clear.

" Let's move before whatever that was comes back." Helena whispered. Kira stood up and started forward towards her when the wall behind exploded launching her through the air to crash into Helena. Helena fell back through the entrance she came through and was winded by the impact. She could still see Kira but not what had come through or caused the wall to explode. Kira could though.

Dressed in a gown that covered her totally, ruffled neck, cuffs, and the lower flowing half with puffed shoulders. Silk, black or maybe red, no definitely black with red flowing like liquid or blood all over moving and changing constantly. The face a porcelain mask with a blood tear running down from the right eye socket and a symbol underneath the left. Blank white eyes stared from the darkness of the holes. There was no nose but she did have a mouth. It slightly smiled. She wore a black hat decorated with flowers and symbols and a veil fell from the brim on the left hand side. She had a mane of thick black hair with highlights of blue through it. In her gloved hands was a twin bladed ornate staff. It studied her as she studied it.

Kira swiftly sat up fired the sawed off directly at it's head whilst quick drawing her T-S 90 full auto Beretta and strafed it across it's legs. As she fired she heard the incredible sounds of bullets hitting steel and the whisper of swords slicing the air. Then the sounds of shells hitting the tiles. Not one round fired had hit the intended target. It looked down at her, white eyes blazing with rage, a thin cold smile.

" Helena run !!" Kira screamed. It glided onto her as if standing upon her chest forcing her flat down on her back. Yet she could see no feet just solid darkness holding her down.

" No way !! " Helena said as she swung round the corner aimed her rifle and starting to squeeze the trigger. Before she completed the action the Angel made a sweeping gesture with her hand and Helena not only had the gun knocked out of her hands but she herself was knocked forcefully back into the other room. She slammed into a wall , slid down it, yet didn't pass out. She wished she had as she heard Kira scream then saw Kira staggering backwards trying to hold her entrails in and then a split second later a blade spear her through her mouth then wrench upwards and slice out in an arc back through her skull and face.

" Kira !!!" Helena screamed. The Angel came into view, wiped it's blade on Kira's corpse, and smiled at her.

" I'll fucking kill you you bitch !!!" Helena screamed and launched herself to her feet and started to lunge at the smiling Angel when she felt a cold hand wrap around her throat and wrench her backwards. Another arm swung round, she felt something hard behind her,and pinned her to it.

" You'll do no such thing." An ice cold voice whispered in her ear. She felt the fingers tighten around her throat and she began to pass out. The last thing she heard was her assailant telling the other to return to the others now " for she returns.."

They stood quietly awaiting her return. Pain (metal mask), Lunacy ( dreadlocks), Malice nursing her wounded child,and Innocence nervously twitching and fidgeting in the Conference Room on the second mezzanine level. They did not have to wait long. A loud roar ushered in the formation of a large portal from which a winged female stepped out with an air of grace, wisdom and power. Her name Empathy.

She was about six feet-three in height not including the massive totem and was dressed in beautiful flowing robes, decorated with patterns and symbols and some plain, of some satin or silk material that seemed alive or imbued with energy. She wore a beautifully inscribed bodice of gold and had a character in the centre. Leather or skin draped to the sides from underneath the bodice and underneath it all she wore a beautiful flowing ethereal dress. She had long beautiful legs and wore sandals of gold whose straps went up to mid thigh visible through a split up the right side of her dress.

Her chest had three spikes of some kind pierced through each breast. Around her neck she wore a choker of some kind with jewels and symbols adorning it and below it. Around her head was some sort of stone headdress, aged and worn and cracked yet you could still see intricate inscriptions carved and in the top middle was yet another character. Rising from behind her head was a rotten broken cross which led up to a broken rotten wood circle within which a golden circular plate with three symbols overlapped. Runes and a character were also inscribed and through certain cut away areas the familiar black and blue energy could be seen. Above it was another amalgam of horns, peace symbol, and cross with symbols and letters carved.

Around the left of this totem branches rose up and vines of thorns entwining themselves around. On the right symbols on metallic spikes stuck out and masses of wooden spikes and branches. All engulfed in the flaring black and blue energy. Her wings beautiful and large, clean and hued with constantly changing colours. In her hands a ornate staff which ended in a circular head which seemed like a macabre Dream Catcher of writhing entwining strips of skin from which hung three strings of beads with symbols at the ends. The most striking thing about her that set her apart from the rest was that she wore no mask .

She was bald except for a long thick pony tail of white hair that draped behind and flowed around her neck. She had a large character on her head, a Egyptian style gold symbol on her forehead and a single gem beneath that. Her face, pretty, a normal Human woman. She had olive skin, full lips, and kind blue eyes. She seemed alive where the others seemed dead or cold and removed. She looked at them all at first with warmth, like a mother greeting her children, then her demeanor changed and anger began to flare behind her eyes as she saw into their hearts and minds what had transpired in her absence. Anger subsided into disappointment and fear that this time may be the last failing for them all.

" Innocence do you remember what happened to The Natural ? Do you remember how The Word And Will reacted when she behaved in a manner that the Vessel Of God did not approve ?" Empathy asked in a soft voice " Answer me child."

" Yes Empathy. " Innocence answered with her head down so not to meet her eyes."

" Do you think she would approve of your actions and those of your sisters here to night ? Actions that were far more excessive than The Natural's. What do you think she'd do to you, to all of you right now if she was here now ? Also, where is your Sister ? "

" I.." Innocence started to answer but a portal erupted cutting her off.

" I am here Empathy and in answer to your question The Word And Will would not do what you are implying for she did not evoke Gods Wrath on The Natural for what she did to another lower creature but because she defied God. You of all people should remember that."

" Maybe so Void but you weren't there. " Empathy stared at tall crimson garbed Angel. " You also weren't there the many times I've stayed her hand when your sisters here tested the boundaries of what The Word of God divines honourable behaviour and actions. So much so that she placed them under my care and made it my responsibility to help them see the proper path or face ex-communication or worse The Wrath. You to a lesser degree were also included in this though for other reasons." She sighed. " I fear that this time my intervention on their behalf, and maybe even yours, might not be enough. So where have you been ?"

" First of all allay your fears for they do not apply here. Secondly I am The First and do not answer to you child nor are you responsible or liable for my actions. "

" You were the first vessel, the first Word And Will, but you are no longer. " Empathy said coldly. Anger at her arrogance and disrespect totally evident. " And yes "Void " you do answer to me !"

" That is an opinion not shared and for now irrelevant " The First held up a hand to Empathy as she started to move in reaction to the blatant disrespect shown. " I have been with The Word and Will to report on my mission this night and the true reason I was placed with your flock of miscreants in the first place. Do not fret for them as they will come to no harm for their actions as through my encouragement they did what she wanted."

" What are you talking about ? " Empathy asked both confused and seething at the continued arrogance.

" This night was not just about the sacrifice and the punishment of the Cult Leaders. Nor the mild irritation of the deluded Redeemers. It was about the foreseen arrival of the small band of Humans on a mission fueled by their leaders thirst for revenge against us and in particular The Word And The Will herself. An individual from the past that up until now has always arrived that little bit to late. One that The Word And Will fears not but believes will provide a great test for you ."

" A test..?" Empathy was taken aback. " A test for what? Stop speaking in riddles Void and tell me ! "

" I do not know the reason nor the form the test will take." The First shrugged. " Maybe Loyalty or Faith, I truly do not know, nor question the reason why. I just did as The Word And Will asked and that the two in command were not to be harmed and the male was of paramount importance. The time for questions is over. I shall bring them before you and let the test begin ."

A portal opened and Abel and Helena were dumped without regard for them face first on the floor. They both groaned and swore. They were restrained, hogtied actually, with chains but in a passing moment those restraints fell away and they just laid there. Abel was the first to sit up, Helena unconscious still, and he looked around. Innocence reacted first , then Pain Lunacy and Malice .

" Whelp..?" Innocence asked. Then the other three chimed in together in disbelief. " Abel..?" Void and Empathy stood behind in silence just watching.

" Hey freak, you've grown big and I still want to kill you." Abel smiled coldly. " And the name is like they said.. Abel. "

" On all counts still irrelevant." Innocence smiled and gave him the finger. He laughed despite wishing he had a gun right now.

" You three seem to have me at a disadvantage. " Abel looked them up and down." You seem to know me but I haven't the foggiest who you freaks are."

" It hurts that you don't recognize us Abel.We were so close. " Pain spoke softly." I'm Ally, the naked one is Mabel and in the hat is Dionne. "

" You're lying.." He started but then he saw it in their reactions she wasn't. " Dear God in Heaven what happened to you ? What did they do to you ?"

" They saved us, transformed us, let us become who we dreamed to be." Lunacy replied happily. " They made us Angels "

" Oh my poor sweet child.." He was overcome with sadness." At least Holly isn't here now to see this.."

" Oh but she is." Malice replied.

" She's dead Dionne." He said with a tinge of anger at the blatant disrespect. Then he felt a hand on his shoulder and a soft voice tinged with sadness say " You have to die to be reborn my little man." He turned and looked up in shock.

" Hello Abel." Empathy said.

To be concluded...
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